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Henry answers a few questions about filming The Cold Light of Day with Sigourney Weaver and Bruce Willis, his preparation for playing average man and not to learn Spanish. Also enjoy a behind-the-scene video!
Henry Cavill wants to set the record straight. Yes, he lost out to Daniel Craig for the James Bond role in Casino Royale. But he wants to clear up reported near misses that led Empire magazine to call him the “unluckiest man in Hollywood” — that he lost the Superman role to Brandon Routh in 2006 and that he was almost cast as Edward Cullen in the Twilight movies.
Having played the scheming Duke of Suffolk in the Renaissance-era soap opera The Tudors, British import Henry Cavill is set to tackle a uniquely American icon — Superman — in Zack Snyder's 2013 reboot of the comic book franchise.  But before he dons the cape and tights in Superman: Man of Steel, Cavill goes mythological as the ancient Greek hero Theseus in the epic action adventure Immortals, currently in theaters. 
Just how heavy is Superman’s cape? Ask Henry Cavill, the British actor who has the weight of history, expectations and a blockbuster budget all sitting on his broad shoulders. Cavill will portray “the last son” of the planet Krypton in “Man of Steel,” the 2013 release that Warner Bros. hopes will launch a franchise to fill the void left by Harry Potter’s graduation from Hogwarts and Christopher Nolan’s pending departure from Gotham City.
How a Himalayan runaway, Superman and the team behind 300 survived 3D, Mickey Rourke and Clash Of The Titans comparisons to make eye-bathing epic Immortals...
Henry Cavill knows about overnight heroes In Immortals, opening today, he plays an overlooked peasant propelled to lead an army into battle against a sadistic king. But before Cavill could even step into the role's leather sandals, the untested actor had to convince director Tarsem Singh that he, too, had the right stuff.
Henry Cavill‘s casting as Superman in Zack Snyder’s upcoming DC Comics movie reboot Man of Steel generated many headlines when it was announced earlier this year, but before that movie hits theatres in 2013, he will be seen as another iconic hero, Theseus, in Immortals, Tarsem Singh‘s visually spectacular take on Greek mythology. Cavill shared his thoughts on the contrasts and similarities of playing two enduring paragons of heroism on screen.
If only modern-day Greece had a hero like Henry Cavill, Europe’s debt crisis would be solved quickly. He’d take a sword to it. Cavill, Hollywood’s latest hunk, has the starring role in Immortals, a Greek mythology brawl that opens today in theaters. Later, he’ll put on tights and play Superman in Man of Steel, set to be released in 2013.
Henry Cavill, who will be showing off his toned abs as Theseus in Immortals, talks to the Metro about playing Superman in Man Of Steel and losing out on the role of Edward in Twilight.
Looking past Henry Cavill’s infinitely blue eyes and goofy grin, it’s not difficult to imagine the 28-year-old British actor transforming into an extremely intense dude as he describes the roughest day he experienced on the Immortals set — grasping the complex choreography for the film’s epic final battle.