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Henry Cavill as Superman graces the cover of the May issue of Argentine Viva Magazine. Inside you can find the interview with Henry (the Team of made a translation from Spanish for you) and a couple of new stunning photos.
Henry Cavill is featured on the June-July issue of Details Magazine.   The 30-year-old star of Man of Steel, is jobless, having bided his time as director Zack Snyder took nearly two years to apply the finishing touches to his blockbuster reboot. The movie could propel the relative unknown to stardom faster than a speeding bullet — or be career kryptonite. Still, it's unclear who most needs to be saved by Superman — Cavill or the rest of us?
These days there are plenty of magazines in different languages related to Henry Cavill and his upcoming movie Man of Steel from all around the world. Thanks to our fan @kinorri we have two French Magazines with Henry Cavill as Superman on the covers.
On June 7 Mexico City meets Henry Cavill, who will be there with a promo visit for press for his upcoming movie Man of Steel. The "El Norte" newspaper from Monterrey, Mexico, today published an article devoted Henry and Man of Steel. We appreciate our fan Naye Garza for the scans and the summary!
A couple of months ago in an exclusive interview for our site Ed Gross told us how he was among 20 journalists on the set of Immortals, where he met and interviewed Henry Cavill. Ed is the executive editor for Movie Magic magazine and in this issue they published that story and a long interview with Henry Cavill on his new movie Man of Steel. Most of it will look familiar to Henry's fans, but there are also answers to a few new questions.
An informal interview with Henry Cavill features in the June issue of Interview Magazine Germany. You can read it now on in English translation.
Man Of Steel star Henry Cavill would love to see a franchise-splicing team-up between DC icons Batman and Superman.
We already have a huge interview with Henry Cavill in June issue of GQ UK Magazine and in SFX Magazine, and here is a new interview from GQ South Africa Magazine which has a few common traits with those two. 
New York Times has published a great article on Man Of Steel, in which the director, the producers, and of course Henry Cavill talk about upcoming movie.
It’s a bird… it’s a plane… it’s your next big-screen superhero crush! Best known for his saucy bed-hopping ways in The Tudors, the buff British actor gives the iconic role of Superman a sexy new spin in this month’s Man Of Steel. Read Henry's interview in the June issue of InStyle Magazine.