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Talk about motivation. Henry Cavill knew when he took on the role of Superman he would be immortalized on movie screens in a form-fitting suit as honest as the superhero. He had to achieve physical perfection. Fans wouldn’t accept less.
Henry Cavill says: "Kids called me 'Fatty Cavill' at school but I lost weight and now I'm Superman." The actor opens up about life before playing the role of Superman and being an actor.
When it comes to describing what it’s like to play an icon, Henry Cavill has a will of steel. “When you play an icon, you don’t try to be an icon,” says the muscular hunk. “It defeats the purpose. The responsibility attached to playing Superman is enormous. You realize this really matters.”
LOS ANGELES — Henry Cavill is going from “Man of Steel” to “The Man From U.N.C.L.E.” “I can tell you that I am signed on for ‘The Man From U.N.C.L.E.,’ ” confirmed the actor du jour in a recent interview at the Warner Bros. Studios in Burbank.
Henry Cavill’s strict diet on the set of Man of Steel was punctuated by “cheat days” with deep-dish Chicago-style pizza.
This week issue of Shortlist Magazine features Henry Cavill and Michael Shannon on the cover named Good&Evil. Of course, such a stunning photographs accompanied by interview.
Read the new interview with Henry Cavill in USA Today. The British actor has seen starring roles, but never anything like iconic comic-book hero Superman.
These days there are plenty of magazines in different languages related to Henry Cavill and his upcoming movie Man of Steel from all around the world.  We collected most of them here.
Henry Cavill and Amy Adams on the cover of Interview Magazine June-July 2013 issue. Henry Cavill opens up to Interview magazine on how surreal it was to land the role of Superman.
In 2011, Collider's journalist Steve Weintraub visited the set of the Man of Steel and made an interview with Henry Cavil. They talk comics influences, filming the action scenes, physical training, and more.