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One more Superman cover in the line! New issue of Malaysian Galaxie Magazine has an interview with Henry Cavill, plus a brand new image.
You can’t create Superman in a computer, nor can you do it with a flattering costume. To bring the title role of Man of Steel to life, filmmakers sent Henry Cavill to the gym — to train so hard he would actually believe that he was the character. Read the article from July issue of Muscle & Fitness Magazine (US). There are no new images, but the article reveals the secres of Henry's super-workout and diet.
Dark Knight director Chris Nolan updates the biggest boyscout in Metropolis. But do we really want to see what Superman’s hiding under his cape?
He is playing the world’s most beloved superhero and is on his way to becoming the hottest actor on Earth. But Superman star Henry Cavill still remembers the days when he was viciously bullied on the school playground. And he credits his family — especially his four brothers — for keeping his feet firmly on the ground now he has hit the Hollywood big time.
Playing the iconic role of Superman is no easy task. Henry Cavill takes it all in his stride. In an interview at Warner Bros. in Burbank, California, Henry Cavill, who plays the well-loved character in Man Of Steel, describes putting on the suit as "very special, a real experience".
He was called Fatty at his top public school. Now the actor is Superman. How? Because of a chance encounter with Russell Crowe (and a jar of Vegemite)...
Henry Cavill this summer finally dons the red cape that will see him transformed into the Man of Steel.  Read the new interview with Henry in Scotland on Sunday.
He's played the son of British royalty (The Tudors), the son of a Greek god (Immortals) and the son of Hollywood titan Bruce Willis (The Cold Light Of Day). But all this is nothing compared to his new role as Kal-El, aka Superman, the only son of Jor-El who's considered royalty in the comic book world. And much like his latest alter-ego who's destined to be the saviour of the world, Henry Cavill's destiny is to reboot - and thus revive - the Superman franchise in Man Of Steel, the latest big-screen incarnation of the iconic red-and-blue superhero.
New issue of US edition of Time Magazine has an interview with Henry Cavill and the cast of Man of Steel.
Another magazine cover with the new Superman, Henry Cavill on it. The new issue of SciFiNow is featuring Man of Steel movie.