Interviews & Magazines

The October issue of Japanese Safari magazine features Henry Cavill on the cover and an interview with him inside as well as new images.
Man of Steel definitely has become the main event of the summer, which was widely covered in the press, and today we update our collection of magazines that have articles about Henry Cavill and this movie.
The July issue of Australian FilmInc Magazine has a great article on Man Of Steel movie and its creators: director Zack Snyder, producers Charles Roven and Deborah Snyder, and actors Henry Cavill and Michael Shannon. Read it now!
While we only have rumors and speculation right now for the upcoming Man of Steel 2, magazines from around the world continue to run stories about the first Man of Steel movie. Today, in our review, there are three French magazines with articles and photos on Henry Cavill and the Man of Steel.
The last issue of Film Magazine has an interview with Henry Cavill, plus a brand new image.
While we still have a couple of days before Henry Cavill and Zack Snyder will attend Superman's 75th Anniversary Celebration panel at Comic-Con in San Diego, it's time for another review of magazines from around the world who published articles about Henry's new movie, Man of Steel (you may see our earlier reviews here and here).
It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s the star of Man of Steel, talking about getting in Super-shape and the art of flight! New issue of Maxim magazine (Australia, July 2013) features an interview with Henry Cavill, plus a brand new image.
British actor Henry Cavill is charming, polite and looks like a supermodel with his chiselled cheekbones, dimpled chin and the sleeves of his white cotton shirt rolled up to his elbows to reveal some of the muscles he created to play Superman in the coming blockbuster Man of Steel. The 30-year-old British actor appears to be so earnest and humble, in fact, that you start wondering if anybody could really be this much of a nice guy.
Russell Crowe and Henry Cavill's paths first crossed when Crowe was filming scenes for Proof of Life at Cavill's boarding school. Cavill, who had been in school productions, sought acting advice and questioned Crowe. Crowe remembered the schoolboy and sent him a parcel, which included signed photograph. Years later their paths crossed again in a gym, and then eventually as co-stars in the latest Superman film.
It takes a dashing Englishman to bring America's favourite superhero to life, writes Tiffany Baker. After years of disappointment and near misses, Henry Cavill's time has finally come.