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With Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice in the works and Justice League on the horizon, SciFiNow takes a look at Warner Bros’ strategy, and finds out why it doesn’t have to fear Marvel. Although the magazine doesn't reveal anything new about future films featuring Henry Cavill, the 99th issue of SciFiNow is remarkable at least for the fact that this is the first cover with Henry as Superman after last year's Man of Steel.
Gibraltar’s local newspaper, Gibraltar Chronicle published today a huge report with plenty of photographs from the celebration of the Royal Marines' 350th Anniversary, and particularly the Rock Run, which took place in Gibraltar on Saturday, October 25, as well as the interview with two brothers, Henry and Nik Cavill.
We are glad to present to you the second part of our exclusive interview with Henry Cavill in Gibraltar (you can find the first part here) during the celebration of the 350th Anniversary of the Royal Marines on October 25, 2014. We asked him about his work in the film industry, his future projects, as well as how he deals with his popularity.
Being the ambassador for the Royal Marines Charitable Trust Fund (RMCTF), Henry Cavill took part in the celebration of the 350th Anniversary of the Royal Marines which held several events this weekend in Gibraltar, including the Rock Run. Among the 350 runners from all over the world, Henry did the Gibraltar Rock run with his elder brother, former Royal Marine, Lieutenant Colonel Nik Cavill, and his Batman V Superman trainer Michael Blevins. We brought you our exclusive coverage of these events in partnership with the CAA Sisters. Our correspondents, Noelia and Fatima, were in Gibraltar and had the opportunity to interview Henry Cavill himself as well as his brother Nik for HenryCavill.Org.
Total Film magazine is watching how things are going on the upcoming Batman v Superman film featuring Henry Cavill. No sooner did director Zack Snyder show us a new image of Ben Affleck in the Batman outfit, than the new summer issue of the magazine published an article entitled "Knight Vision: Zack Snyder pulls the tarp and the Argo knight rises".
Henry Cavill's upcoming project, still untitled Man Of Steel sequel known as Batman Vs Superman is listed in Total Film magazine's May issue among the Total Film Future 100: the people, projects, tech and trends blowing your future mind in the next 18 months...
The new issue of Train magazine features an exclusive interview with Henry on his training for Man of Steel and it's sequel, Batman vs Superman movie, as well as Henry’s personal records, a sample workout, and sample diets for different stages of the training. Read it now.
Ed Gross, an editor at and, the author of a number of non-fiction books, did interviews with Henry Cavill just prior to the release of Immortals and while Man of Steel was in production, in which he discussed Henry’s career and upcoming films. Here's one more his interview with Henry devoted the Man of Steel and its release on Blu-ray.
The October issue of Japanese Safari magazine features Henry Cavill on the cover and an interview with him inside as well as new images.
Man of Steel definitely has become the main event of the summer, which was widely covered in the press, and today we update our collection of magazines that have articles about Henry Cavill and this movie.