17 Jul Batman V Superman Gets Mentions in Total Film Summer Issues

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Total Film magazine is watching how things are going on the upcoming Batman v Superman film featuring Henry Cavill. No sooner did director Zack Snyder show us a new image of Ben Affleck in the Batman outfit, than the new summer issue of the magazine published an article entitled "Knight Vision: Zack Snyder pulls the tarp and the Argo knight rises".


If you thought Bruce Wayne’s outlook seemed suspiciously sunny at the climax of The Dark Knight Rises, worry not: Batman is back in black (and grey) for his scrap with Superman.

Director Zack Snyder recently took to Twitter with a picture of a puddle, a hidden car and a promise to “pull the tarp” on key factors in Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice. And pull it he did, adding the bonus of Ben Affleck’s mean, moody Batman. Which beats a puddle.

Peering into the murk, Snyder has certainly given Bats a pumped-up overhaul. The ears are a bit dinky but the Bat-logo looks big, the Bat-wheels look bigger and big Ben’s muscles look like the work of a man who bench-presses houses. The pose is that of someone feeling the world’s weight, but the suit may alleviate the neck-constriction issues of previous outfits: the veined, layered fabric appears flexible, with the benefit of reflecting (darkly) Henry Cavill-era Superman’s multi-layered duds for world-building consistency.

As for the car, the shape is sleeker than the Tumbler but the wheels recall the Nolan-verse model, suggesting that this Batman will combine comic-book classicism with the modern dictate of ‘grounded’ action. Indeed, the worn clobber fits the promise of an older, battle-battered Batman, like the one in Frank Miller’s comic-book milestone The Dark Knight Returns (compare the utility belt and logo).

And if that promise thrills comics fans, so should news that Watchmen wrangler Snyder will direct the long-gestating DC team-up Justice League. The news isn’t too startling given that top Leaguers Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) and Cyborg (Ray Fisher) will join Jesse Eisenberg’s Lex Luthor in BVS – and the newly announced subtitle drops a pretty big big hint – but confirmation is always welcome. And if Batfleck’s unveiling is indicative, Snyder will have plenty of tasty surprises to “pull the tarp” on yet.


Following this, as soon as the news and yet unconfirmed rumors about the casting of new actors to play superheroes of Justice League broke, as well as insight from Nikki Finke, Total Film also highlighted these news:


The Justice League could be swooping into cinemas sooner than expected if a leaked schedule of upcoming DC movies turns out to be the real deal. Hollywood insider Nikki Finke has unveiled what’s believed to be Warner Bros’ release schedule for seven DC superhero movies, with three films due every year in 2016 and 2017, plus Man Of Steel 2 in 2018. The line-up includes the already-shooting Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice (due May 2017) and solo outings for Wonder Woman, The Flash and Sandman. Sounds super to us.


After all this, it seems to us the probability that the cover of the Total Film September issue will be graced by a new and so far only promo image of Henry Cavill in the Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice movie. We can only hope!


We thank Brett Culp for the scans!

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