22 Mar Batman Vs Superman Makes Total Film's Future 100

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Henry Cavill's upcoming project, still untitled Man Of Steel sequel known as Batman Vs Superman is listed in Total Film magazine's May issue among the Total Film Future 100: the people, projects, tech and trends blowing your future mind in the next 18 months...



While Zack Snyder is due to unleash his clash between Henry Cavill's Supes and Ben Affleck's Bats in 2016, Total Film grills the stars on who's better: Batman or Superman?


"Superman for me, because that film came out when I was nine," said Hugh Jackman. "When I was a kid I wanted to be Superman — I didn't want the belt, I wanted the undies outside my tights."

"Superman is unkillable and has super-strength — unless you have kryptonite. Which I don't think Batman's gonna have on him," answered a rising Aussie star Liam Hemsworth. "Batman's just a dude with a lot of money and some cool gadgets and a vigilante heart."

Michael Fassbender, Henry Cavill's co-star in Blood Creek also prefers Superman: "I wanted to be Superman when I was younger and I did have the Superman outfit. I actually played this game with my cousin where he'd stand on the street dressed as Clark Kent, and when a car came he ran behind the bush and I came out!"

Superman was an ultimate superhero for Tom Hiddleston as well: "Supes. I can literally pinpoint the moment, seven years old, that I see Christopher Reeve as Superman for the first time, with that theme tune," he said. "I just love that film unequivocally. I remember when I was auditioning for the very first Thor film I went back and I rented Superman, watched it, and thought 'that is how you do it'."

We are grateful to all the stars who have made the choice in favor of Superman.

The new issue of Total Film magazine is out now.


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