07 Aug New magazines which feature Henry Cavill and Man of Steel movie

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Man of Steel definitely has become the main event of the summer, which was widely covered in the press, and today we update our collection of magazines that have articles about Henry Cavill and this movie.




Speed Magazine (Philippines)

Screenwriter David S. Goyer talks Man of Steel, while Henry Cavill as Superman graces the cover of June issue of Philippine Speed Magazine. 


Celuloide Digital and Celuloide Digital Especial (Spain)

June issue of Spanish Celuloide Digital and Celuloide Digital Especial feature Man of Steel and Superman's story in movies. Celuloide Digital has a great article on Man of Steel with many pictures, as well as a story about Henry Cavill's press visit in Mexico in early June. The whole special issue devoted Superman movies and TV series.


Glamour (Spain)

In June issue of Spanish Glamour magazine you can find an interview with Henry Cavill and a brand new image of him.


Great thanks to our fans Lynken Arellano, Issa Rollorata, and Christine Sarti!

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