24 Jul Review of the New Issues of French Magazines

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While we only have rumors and speculation right now for the upcoming Man of Steel 2, magazines from around the world continue to run stories about the first Man of Steel movie. Today, in our review, there are three French magazines with articles and photos on Henry Cavill and the Man of Steel.


Studio Cine Live

In the June issue of Studio Cine Live with Superman Henry Cavill on the cover you will find a great article on how director Zack Snyder worked on the Man of Steel, what difficulties awaited him in the filming process, as well as a small item about Henry Cavill and plenty of movie stills.


Cinema Teaser

The following magazine is Cinema Teaser. Henry Cavill as Superman graces the cover of July issue. The magazine contains a very good review of the Man of Steel movie, which tells the story of its creation, and reveals some interesting facts on it. And, of course, lots of pictures.


Mad Movies

Finally, the July issue of Mad Movies. This is the third issue of this magazine in line, which we review (it seems the chief editor is a fan of the Man of Steel movie). This issue contains a short article about the film, and two interviews with its creators: producer Charles Roven, and composer Hans Zimmer.


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