13 Jun Man of Steel Henry Cavill brings Hollywood to Jersey

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Amy Adams and Henry Cavill will be in Jersey with Russell Crowe for a special screening of Man of Steel Amy Adams and Henry Cavill will be in Jersey with Russell Crowe for a special screening of Man of Steel Getty Images

"Jersey is home", is the proud proclamation of Henry Cavill, the man playing the latest incarnation of all-American super hero Superman.  The Man of Steel star was born in Jersey and will return to the 45 sq m island to show off the blockbuster.


"I can't wait. Jersey is home and we finally get to bring a piece of what I do to our little island," said Cavill on the red carpet ahead of the European premiere of his film.

Cavill was born in Jersey and went to St Michael's Preparatory School in St Saviour before going to Stowe Boarding School in Buckinghamshire.

He said: "We all worked so hard on this movie, we put so much of our hearts and souls into telling it, I can't wait to show it and bring it home and say 'here guys, look what I did'."

Man of Steel sees Superman attempt to save the world while battling General Zod, a rebellious military leader from his home planet of Krypton - played by Boardwalk Empire's Michael Shannon.

The film features Russell Crowe as Cavill's biological father from Krypton Jor-El, Kevin Costner as his human adoptive father, Jonathan Kent and Amy Adams as love interest Lois Lane.

Adams described Cavill as a joy to work with and will be going with him to Jersey for a star studded screening at the local Cineworld cinema.


Kryptonian DNA

The screening, on Friday evening, will see Russell Crowe, Amy Adams and Henry Cavill walk the red carpet.

She said: "Nobody looks like Henry Cavill. He is fantastic, you must raise really good men in Jersey, he is a wonderful person.

"I told Henry, Jersey is a place I didn't know existed beforehand and it is going to be really fun, I'm looking forward to it."

Someone not visiting the island is composer Hans Zimmerman who was tasked with creating a new score for the franchise.

He is a regular in the island, describing it as "the best of France and the best of England without the bad bits".

Zimmerman added: "There would be no Superman without Jersey in this case. Every time I went to Jersey I felt there was Kryptonian DNA in the atmosphere, you were always different to the rest of the world."

Jersey has taken the idea of Superman to its heart.

Cows have been dressed in red capes, a giant Superman crest has been drawn in the sand and a stamp featuring the man himself has been issued. Hollywood fever is in the air.

Cavill said he could not wait for his island return on Friday.

"I can't wait to see you, I really hope you enjoy the movie. It is home, so lets make lots of noise for Hollywood when it arrives," he said.


The Man of Steel cast support Jersey Superman

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