04 Jun Henry Cavill as Superman on the Cover of Magazines Worldwide

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These days there are plenty of magazines in different languages related to Henry Cavill and his upcoming movie Man of Steel from all around the world. 

We collected most of them here.


The magazines in Spanish and Polish: Cinemanía Magazine (Mexico), Cinemanía Magazine (Spain), Film (Poland). They all published general articles on the Man of Steel.


Fotogramas Cinema (Spain)

An article about upcoming move Man of Steel and a brief interview with Henry Cavill, plus one new photo. (That "henrycavill.org" at the end is not our watermark :))


Cineplex (Canada)

A brief general article on Man of Steel inside.


Best Movie (Italy)

As you can see, this magazine has an article about Man of Steel, as well as brief interviews with Henry Cavill and Michael Shannon. Despite the large number of pages devoted to the movie, the content is similar to what we have read in previous articles.


Ecran (France)

Thanks again to our fan @Kinorri! 16 pages of Ecran Magazine feature the largest article about Man Of Steel movie.


Miradas (Argentina)

Thanks again to TomHiddlestonArgentina admin Caro! There is a review of Man of Steel in general, written by Sebastian Tabany, the same journalist who interviewed Henry for Viva.


GQ (Russia)

The Russian GQ Magazine contains an interview with Henry. The questions are familiar to Henry's fans: he recalls about his first meeting with Russell Crowe, he speaks about his missed roles (Superman in 2003, Bond in 2005), and he says he is not ready for the fame, because he can't imagine what it will be like for him.



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