10 Jan 2016 brings Batman, Superman and the 'Dawn' of a new superhero universe

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When just two and a half months left before Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice worldwide release, the promo campaign is gearing up. Following two TV spots, an article dedicated the upcoming blockbuster was published in USA Today. They speak with Henry Cavill, Ben Affleck and Zack Snyder about the expansion of DC characters in Batman V Superman and Suicide Squad.


Speaking with USA Today about his new movie, Henry Cavill says, Batman v Superman is very much about humanity’s perspective on the Man of Steel, and when he faces Batman, the last son of Krypton knows he can put him in the ground — a weakness exploited by Affleck’s savvy do-gooder.

Comparing Superman’s constrained Clark Kent side to a dad playing football with a bunch of children, Henry says: “He can sure as hell take Batman out if he wants to, and Batman takes advantage of that. He’s not going to go all-out against the kids because he’ll end up smashing people around. It’s the idea of still wanting to have fun but no one gets hurt, so you’re being careful about where your knees and elbows are going. That’s what Clark is for me, but Superman is far more relaxed. Superman is dad just being dad at home.”

Henry is very much excited about seeing the possibility of Superman meeting the other DC comic book heroes:

“There’s a whole world of fantasy in comic books, and if you just focus on one small portion of it, you’re never going to get the full magic of it,” Henry says. “Now that we’re introducing all these other characters and really building the universe to a far larger place than just a simple alien’s life on Earth, it really makes it extraordinarily interesting.”

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