02 May Henry Cavill Chats With Us About Rugby, Durrell Wildlife and More

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Henry Cavill Chats With Us About  Rugby, Durrell Wildlife and More Photo: Jersey RFC

During the Ipes Siam Cup, held on May 2 in Jersey, we had the opportunity to do a phone interview with Henry Cavill. Henry attended the rugby match to spearhead Ipes Siam Cup rugby fundraiser for Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust. During out interview, we chatted about his Durrell Wildlife Conservation, rugby and his potential future charitable projects.

You can read and listen to what Henry shared with us during our conversation.


HenryCavill.org: With your role as Superman, you are now widely recognized around the world. With that kind of fame comes the power to raise money for charities. What led you to choose Durrell Wildlife and support it by starting your Cavill Conservation website?

I went to the zoo as a kid and loved it. I’ve got very fond memories of the whole experience. And now, as you say, I’ve enough of a name to actually bring awareness to some charities. It was just something so close to home. I’ve always enjoyed the wild. And if I can do anything to actually help conserve some of those endangered species out there, then all the better.


HCOrg: Lee Durrell recently told the Jersey Evening Post that the park was in danger of closing down due to lack of funds. What can your fans do to help Cavill Conservation & Durrell not only survive, but to thrive?

There’s a simple thing of just donations. Any little bit helps, but there’s also an academy and you can take courses and actually get your hands on involved in conservation if one wants to. It’s entirely up to you, so you can go to the Durrell website or Cavill Conservation and find all those links.


HCOrg: You played rugby as a child. You are an honorary member of the Jersey RFC, you’ve been spotted at many rugby games over the years and you’re here today for the Ipes Siam Cup in support of Durrell. What is it about rugby that has kept it in your life all these years?

Well, it’s a great sport. It’s a great sport to play. It’s a great sport to watch. It’s one of those things which requires fitness, strength and courage to actually get through. That’s one of the things I love about it. A bunch of men playing a sport.


HCorg: Your acting career actually began with the rugby in "Proof of Life". Do you have a desire to play a role in a sports drama? For example, Steve Prescott if a movie was made about his inspirational story?

The thing about sports dramas is that they can either go really well, which is reasonably rare, or they can go very, very poorly. So it’s one of those things of waiting for the right material to come along, the right involvement from cast and crew, directors and producers. So, it’s a possibility if the right thing comes along.


HCOrg: What would the right thing be for you in terms of a sports drama?

It’s too tough to say because I would have to read a script and it’s all in the script. Without a good script, you have no idea what you’re getting into.


HCorg: Do you still have the rugby jersey that Russell Crowe sent you after filming?

It’s in storage somewhere, yeah. I mean, I move places an awful lot, so a single rugby jersey I can’t necessarily keep track of, but it’s around somewhere.


HCOrg: What do you hope people take away from today’s event?

Well, hopefully Durrell will take away a whole lot of money from the auction. Otherwise, some awareness of conservation and just some enjoyment of a great match of rugby.


HCOrg: What is your next charitable project?

My next charitable project, that is in the works right now, so I’m not going to say anything about it just yet, in case everything changes, but watch this space.


HCOrg: Your fans saw your black eye recently acquired from a game of rugby in the park with friends. What position do you play and would you say you’re a good player?

Goodness me, what a question that is! What position do I play? Well it was just like touch rugby sevens in the park which got a little physical so it’s pretty much whatever position you’re in at the time the ball comes to you, so there’s no particular position. When I was in school, I used to play flanker, and am I any good? Uh, you know, in comparison to actual play rugby players, no. But, your average Joe? Probably, yeah.




Thank you for the interview, Henry!

We also thank Jersey Rugby Club and Henry Cavill Management Team who have made an invaluable contribution to this interview took place.

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