04 Apr My Jersey: Henry Cavill Talks What He Loves About the Island

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In anticipation of Henry Cavill's visit to his native island of Jersey, where he will be VIP-guest at the annual Siam Cup on May 2nd as an Ambassador for the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust, Absolute Jersey magazine did a brief interview with him. Henry talks what he loves about Jersey and his favourite places on the island. Read it now.


What do you love about Jersey?

Quite simply I love that it’s home. Jersey holds a special magic for me, it’s the smell of the sea when I get off the plane or the cry of the gulls or a field of Jersey cows or its incredible history. The place holds such a special place in my heart that it’s hard to say what it is exactly that I love about it. When describing it to people I tell them that it’s a very small island with a lot of character and some of the most beautiful beaches in Britain.


What is your favourite place in Jersey?

Mont Orgueil castle is one of my favourite places. It’s a fully-fledged castle for goodness sake! I love history so going there or just seeing it from afar is something that I enjoy immensely.


What is your favourite beach?

My favourite beach would be Beauport. Many memories of family barbecues down there.


What do you think is Jersey’s must-see attraction?

The Durrell Wildlife Park. It’s obvious that as an ambassador for them that I enjoy the place, but it really is something everyone should see. It’s incredibly special and the work that goes on there is literally world-changing.


Favourite place to eat?

I’m a big fan of Italian food so as it stands I’d say La Capannina [in Halkett Place, St Helier] is my favourite place to eat.


You can look through the issue of Absolute Jersey magazine here

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