28 Oct Interview with Henry and Nik Cavill in Gibraltar Chronicle

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Gibraltar’s local newspaper, Gibraltar Chronicle published today a huge report with plenty of photographs from the celebration of the Royal Marines' 350th Anniversary, and particularly the Rock Run, which took place in Gibraltar on Saturday, October 25, as well as the interview with two brothers, Henry and Nik Cavill.


He really is a man of steel – not only did Superman actor Henry Cavill complete the Rock Run in just over half an hour, he posed for umpteen selfies this weekend and signed hundreds of autographs, and also kept atop of his fitness regime by performing squats between media interviews and all with a smile on his face. After completing the run Henry (in 32:44) and Nik, his brother (in 33:06) sat down for an interview with Cristina Cavilla.

The British actor joined his brother Nik Cavill in the run – a Lieutenant Colonel in the Royal Marines – and together they took part in the gruelling five kilometre uphill Rock Run as part of the celebrations for the Royal Marines’ 350th anniversary with special events this weekend.

Donning the initiative’s luminous yellow T-shirt, the star, currently filming the upcoming Marvel epic Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice (Of course, it's DC's epic! — HCO), ran with his brother, personal trainer Michael and around 200 other competitors for the challenge which raised money for the Royal Marines Charitable Trust Fund.

Henry is an ambassador for the Trust Fund which provides support to serving and former Royal Marines and their family.


How did the run go?

Nik: It was great fun and brilliant Henry could come and lend us his support.

Henry: It was really good fun, it’s an excellent event and the first time I’ve ever done anything like it. It’s really quite difficult though it’s not something to be sniffed at. You think oh it’s just a run up a hill but as much as people think a run up a hill might be difficult look at the size of the thing it’s a mighty large rock. But it was amazing fun and all the more fun because it was such hard work.


So what were your times?

Henry: About 12 and a half minutes (he jokes… I think).

Nik: More like around the half hour mark.


Not bad, who came first out of the two of you?

Henry: Me but only because he let me.


Was there a touch of brotherly competition then?

Henry: There are five of us – all boys so it’s not about direct competition. It’s more about setting standards for one another, so one does something really fantastic and the other goes, “ok, cool, so that’s now the standard”, and you either choose to go for it or you don't. It's not about crushing your brother in competition and going 'yeah I win' and dancing on the other person's failure. It's just about supporting each other and setting high standards.


There have been lots of challenges going on this year in the UK and around Europe in celebration of the Royal Marines’ 350th anniversary, so why did you want to do the Rock Run?

Henry: Because it’s a challenge and also it’s brief as I only have so much time in my schedule. Warner Bros. very generously gave me some time off to come out here. It’s just something I wanted to do and Gibraltar is such a special place for the Royal Marines as well and it’s the only battle honour they have. To be a part of this in the 350th year is very very special.


And raising lots of money in the process, Henry how close are you to your £20,000 target?

Henry: Unfortunately we didn’t quite reach it, we made about £17,000 but my fans and everyone I work with have been very supportive.


The Royal Marines are a family celebrating 350 years of that family so how significant is this anniversary to you?

Nik: I feel very privileged just to be serving in the 350th year. Clearly though we stand on the shoulders of giants of all the men and women before us who have been involved in all these operations. So it’s just amazing to be a part of the Royal Marines.


You obviously have a personal connection to the Royal Marines but what does it mean to you personally to be an ambassador?

Henry: To be honest it’s an incredible honour that the Royal Marines allowed me to be an ambassador. It’s something which not many people get the chance to do. I don’t think just anyone could be an ambassador for the Royal Marines and to have the opportunity to support guys like this be it serving or former marines is wonderful and an opportunity I relish.


Have either of you been to Gibraltar before and what did you make of it?

Henry: No, I’ve not been before, it’s my first time and I think it’s fantastic! The Rock is gigantic when I first flew in I thought wow… it’s huge and I’ve got to run up that.

Nik: I have been before it’s part of the deployment. The Royal Marines stop here and we run up the Rock so I knew what was coming and how painful it is.


Finally, Nik, what’s it like to be a Superman?

Nik: No not at all. We’re very fortunate to have a high calibre of individuals in the Royal Marines so it’s a privilege to be able to lead these guys in very challenging circumstances so they’re the superheroes.


We so much thank Alisha Harper for the scans!

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