26 Oct Exclusive Interview: Henry Cavill Talks the Rock Run & Supporting Charities

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Henry and Nik Cavill during the interview after Gibraltar Rock Run Henry and Nik Cavill during the interview after Gibraltar Rock Run Photo cortesy HenryCavill.org

Being the ambassador for the Royal Marines Charitable Trust Fund (RMCTF), Henry Cavill took part in the celebration of the 350th Anniversary of the Royal Marines which held several events this weekend in Gibraltar, including the Rock Run.

Among the 350 runners from all over the world, Henry did the Gibraltar Rock run with his elder brother, former Royal Marine, Lieutenant Colonel Nik Cavill, and his Batman V Superman trainer Michael Blevins.

We brought you our exclusive coverage of these events in partnership with the CAA Sisters.

Our correspondents, Noelia and Fatima, were in Gibraltar and had the opportunity to interview Henry Cavill himself as well as his brother Nik for HenryCavill.Org.


Henry and Nik Cavill Henry and Nik Cavill during our interview after Gibraltar Rock Run

After the Rock Run, Henry and Nik shared their feeling about such challenge:

"It's starting to have an effect now. Starting to feel quite tired, but the run itself was really hard, it was really hard work," said Henry. "It was great to have Michael, my trainer, as well as my brother Nik running with me, as much as they were talking the whole way up (makes talking hand gestures). I was just trying to breathe. It was really good to be carried up by those two, so I appreciate it a lot."

Nik Cavill fully shared his brother's feelings: "Yeah, I feel like, yeah... its always hard. Yeah, it's brilliant to do this with him, so great!"

We pointed out that Henry was intensely involved in charity this year.

"Charity work is not just about doing charity work. It's about finding something you really care about and raising awareness of that particular thing," Henry explained us. "Royal Marine has always been in my heart because my brother is a Royal Marine and I realize there is an opportunity to raise awareness for those who are presently serving and recovering or quality of life or through life which are the three pathways they serve with grants. Also former marines who are suffering beyond service."

Also, Henry passed a special message for his fans who have supported his JustGiving campaign:

"Firstly, thank you so much to everyone for all their support. It's been absolutely fantastic to see everyone donating regularly, especially this past few days," he notes. "It's incredible what's been donated, so thank you very much for supporting a cause that is so close to my heart and to Nik's."

Henry and Nik with our correspondents, Noelia and Fatima Henry and Nik with our correspondents, Noelia and Fatima in Gibraltar

Henry expressed his very high appreciation to his fans from CAASisters (Cavill Addicts Anonymous Sisters & Brothers), who have donated about $8,000 towards his JustGiving campaign for RMCTF:

"You, guys donated almost exactly 50% of the money, so thank you so much!"


These were some of the questions Henry answered, but there are a few more. Stay tuned for part two of our exclusive interview, which will be released tomorrow!


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