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02 Dec Henry Cavill is the Sexiest Man of 2013

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Henry Cavill at the Man Of Steel premiere in London Henry Cavill at the Man Of Steel premiere in London

Henry Cavill has been named the sexiest man in the world by Glamour UK magazine, according to a public poll. This year Henry rightly soared to the top of the starry sky as the new Superman in Man of Steel, and as a result has beaten Twilight star Robert Pattinson and Australian actor of Hunger Games Liam Hemsworth.


In 2014, Henry Cavill will star in Guy Ritchie's remake of The Man from U.N.C.L.E., in which he plays the charming super spy Napoleon Solo. Previously, he has starred in The Tudors, as Charles Brandon and in 2011's epic fantasy film, Immortals, as the muscular ancient hero, Theseus.


Henry Cavill, 30

It's official: Henry is the sexiest man on the (not just Daily) Planet. Combining the perfect physique (we studied it thoroughly through his Superman suit) and bucket loads of charm, not to mention the kind of blue eyes you could stare into all day, he can sweep us off our feet any time.

One of Henry Cavill's most unique features is his look pleases everyone — people of any age, gender and social status. His facial structure is that of a Greek god. His perfect muscles, honed by countless hours of devotion in the gym, admired not only by women, but he has also become a role model for many men. His appearance is not only beautiful, but at the same time masculine. The timbre of his voice touches the ear in such a way that if he recorded audio books, regardless of their content, he would lead them to becoming bestsellers. Therefore it is not surprising that Henry Cavill has been named the sexiest man in the world.


HenryCavill.Org contacted Helen Whitaker, the Entertainment Editor at GLAMOUR and asked her how important the fan voting was for Henry Cavill's win of their Sexiest Man Alive 2013 poll. She told us, "As the sexiest men poll is reader voted – we received 98,000 votes this year – then Henry's fans voting was very important to his win. It's wonderful he has such a strong fan base who have voted online in force, and helped him hit the top spot."


Thanks to all who gave their voices in support of Henry! He has deserved this title for many years, and finally achieved it.


Great thanks to for sharing this scan with us!

The 100 Sexiest Men appears in the Glamour Magazine January issue, which is out on December 5.


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