31 May Henry Cavill as Superman on Jersey Post stamps

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He's got saving the planet licked... and now he's on a set of stamps from Jersey Post! 

A series of stamps and collectables to celebrate the release of the film Man of Steel, starring Jerseyman Henry Cavill in the lead role, is being issued. 


Each stamp pays tribute to the Man of Steel’s super powers. 

An ‘augmented reality’ app has also been released with an introduction to the stamps from Henry Cavill. 

Users are introduced to the story behind each stamp, plus a trailer and images from the film. 

Sally Diamond, Head of Philatelic at Jersey Post said: "This is an incredibly exciting day for Jersey Post. We have produced a stunning set of stamps, which were inspired not only by a momentous cinematic occasion but also by the talent that this small island is capable of producing."

It was the first time Jersey Post had issued stamps for a Hollywood film.  She said the project had taken two years after approval from Henry Cavill's team and Warner Brothers. The stamps received Royal approval this month.

Henry's father Colin Cavill said: "Henry is very proud of his island roots and has been involved in the development of the stamps throughout."

Gary Caroll, business development director at Jersey Post said: "We hope that islanders will want to buy these products, not just for their collectible value, but also because they reflect another proud moment in Jersey's cultural heritage.

"Henry Cavill is not only a superhero, he is our local hero and we are delighted to mark his achievement in this way."


You can order the stamps as well as other goodies on www.jerseypoststamps.com/manofsteel/


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