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17 Mar Exclusive: Why Superman Henry Cavill has a Black Eye

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After recent photos, which Henry Cavill took with fans at The Botanist, one of the pubs of London, many of you have wondered what has happened to Henry's right eye? Indeed, if you look closely, you can see he's got quite a shiner.

Now we can put the light on the story behind Henry's black eye.



The first thing that might have been guessed and that suggested itself: Henry's black eye is the result of training — at the moment he is in London preparing for the role of SBS operator John Stratton in the action-thriller Stratton: First Into Action.

With this assumption, we reached out to Henry's management team and got a very simple answer: Henry's eye got bruised during a rugby game with friends in the park.

As we know, Henry is a huge fan of rugby. More than once he was seen at rugby matches in England and in his native Jersey island. He has friends among the famous rugby players. In 2013, Henry became Jersey RFC's newest member and season ticket holder.

In his school years, Henry himself played rugby in the school team, but was forced to leave this sport because of injury. And now, another rugby match with friends was not very smooth.


Henry Cavill poses for photo with rugby players in May, 2012 Henry Cavill poses for photos with rugby players

However, we can not say that Henry Cavill has no luck with the rugby — because this game once brought him to Russell Crowe, who gave him parting words into the movie industry. Of course, you remember that story.

The campus of Stowe School where Henry was educated, was being used as a backdrop for the kidnap thriller Proof of Life with Russell Crowe. The schoolboys were playing rugby at the background in one of the scenes, and Henry was among them. Having the courage to take a chance, Henry marched up to the movie star and introduced himself.

“I took his hand and said, ‘Hi, Mr. Crowe. My name is Henry, and I’m thinking of becoming an actor. What’s it like?’ And we talked just a bit,” Henry recalled ten years later at the Man Of Steel film set. “A few days later I got a signed picture of him in Gladiator that said, ‘Dear Henry, the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.’ You can imagine how I felt when I got to the end of that first journey of a thousand miles and I’m working with Russell Crowe. …”

* * *

We wish Henry a speedy recovery! And although they say scars adorn a man, we hope any future black eyes will be the result of make-up artists and not at the hands of a rugby ball.

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