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20 Feb Henry Cavill Photoshoot for ShortList Magazine

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ShortList Magazine teases us with this backstage photo of Henry Cavill doing a photoshoot sitting behind the wheel of a luxury car with a plane in the background.

UPD: More pictures below!

The new photoshoot took place today in Exeter airport in Devon.

According to a local newspaper, the magazine contacted private flight operator Capital Air Charter, based at Exeter Airport and owned by the Rigby Group for use of one of its executive private planes. Managing Director, Malcolm Humphries, said at first he was told that the shoot would be with a male model. He said: “Then they called back to say they had been lucky enough to have Henry Cavill for the shoot. I said ‘OK’ and if I’m honest I had never heard of him, so I googled him and thought ‘Oh My Godness’. A lot of the girls in the office who weren’t due to work said they would come in anyway for some reason.

“He was a really nice chap, so lovely and really kind to all the staff here.”

The magazine also hired a Rolls Royce for the shoot and spent most of the day at the airport. Henry Cavill was said to be nearby training for a role in his new movie, Stratton: First Into Action on Dartmoor and was able to make the shoot at the airport.

Capital Air Charter is the South West’s largest private air charter operator of executive corporate and private chartered flights, medical repatriation and urgent freight services throughout Europe.

Mr Humphries said: “We have been asked to do photo shoots before for magazines and videos but really didn’t expect anything like this.

“There was a photoshoot of Henry with all the staff but unfortunately one of our staff members in accounts missed it. She was so upset so we are trying to organise a signed picture for her.”

We can be sure we will see Henry's new interview and plenty of amazing photographs in the ShortList Magazine sometime in June or July on the eve of the premiere of The Man From U.N.C.L.E.

Stay tuned with us and enjoy the new pictures of Henry!


UPD: Darryn Youngson shared his pictures and gave us a few more details. His company uses that plane to commute between Scotland and England and he had to wait while they used it for the photoshoot.


One more photo:

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