30 Apr Mark Twight Goes In-Depth on Henry Cavill Training for Man of Steel with Men’s Health

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Mark Twight Goes In-Depth on Henry Cavill Training for Man of Steel with Men’s Health Illustration by Paul Martinez

A mere six-pack doesn't cut it in Hollywood anymore. Today's male stars need 5 percent body fat, massive pecs, and the much-coveted inguinal crease – regardless of what it takes to get there. In a new article in Men’s Health Magazine, Gym Jones founder Mark Twight talks about getting Henry Cavill into Man of Steel shape.


Henry Cavill underwent a rigorous training and diet schedule while preparing to play Superman:

Twight banned junk food and soft drinks from the set, as he continued to sculpt the new Man of Steel, Henry Cavill. The trainer has nothing but praise for Cavill, who had to keep up his physique for a grueling 127-day shoot. "It's not like you're peaking a guy for three days for his shirtless scene," Twight says. "You're living with this guy for a year."

The article talks extensively about actors who chose to use growth hormones to help them achieve their chiseled physiques, but Twight says Henry was clean. Still, the studio wanted to make sure that the All-American Superhero was not “dirty”:

For the six months prior to the shoot, Cavill worked out and ate according to Twight's plan. The film's producers actually contacted Twight and his wife, Lisa, a trainer, to make sure they weren't giving Cavill anything illegal. With tarnished heroes like A-Rod and Lance Armstrong, it was important to establish that our most American superhero wasn't a juicer.

"Someone in production had me more than pinky swear," says Lisa, leaning on a stationary bike. "They told me that they'd be drug-testing Henry."

Did they?

"They never tested him," says Twight, "but I gave them a list of every supplement, with contact numbers."

To see Henry’s intense training in action, you should check out the National Guard training video as well as the special features on the Man of Steel DVD (hundreds of screencaps from this are available on our website). Hard work, not hormones, was the key to transforming Henry Cavill into the Man of Steel.

Twight says there is a secret to Cavill's transformation. "Yeah, there's a 90-day miracle, but you're not gonna fucking like it," he says, laughing. "It's hard work. It's commitment. Self-discipline. Persistence. And mindful attention to all this stuff. Then you can become whatever you want."

You can read the rest of the article here.

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