30 Jan Interview With Fashion Stylist Joey Bevan

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Joey Bevan is a London Fashion Stylist, Designer & Hair Stylist. IN 2013, Joey designed garments for the Coronation Festival at Buckingham Palace. He is also a fashion writer and has had his work published in over a dozen countries. Joey was head-hunted for Britain’s Next Top Model Live in 2010 and The Ideal Home Show in 2011. It was at The Ideal Home Show where he had the honour to meet HRH Prince Charles. We connected with Joey on Twitter and after chatting with him, he kindly agreed to fill us in about what inspires him, his fashion design career and his ideas for Henry Cavill and style.


In watching your interview videos, I heard you say you started off designing sox for your sister's doll? That sounds like a fun beginning. How did you get your start in the industry?

I use to cut up old socks and make them into dresses for them :-) after that I got the fashion bug and so wanted to make clothes... I then taught myself basic pattern cutting and went onto college :-)


You have been on television shows, interviewed at fashion shows, written for magazines and had your work in both events and fashion shows. What was the most exciting experience for you?

I think last July being asked to make 30 bespoke garments for the Coronation Festival at Buckingham Palace. It was a great event and I was honoured to be a part of it to celebrate the anniversary of the coronation for HRH Queen Elizabeth II.


You mentioned you have friends who have worked with Henry. What was their impression of Henry and his sense of style?

Well what can I say about that other than he’s a dream boat, I think you could put him in a black sack and he would still look beautiful.


Henry Cavill has often been seen on the red carpet with three piece suits by classic designers. If you could style Henry Cavill for an event, what would you like to see him wear?

I like his style, but I would like to vintage him up a bit, in a 1940s style suit, or even maybe a 30's cut... he’s a very handsome guy so he could wear almost any style and still look awesome.


Henry Cavill Henry Cavill

We love the casual look Henry wore in the fall of tweed jackets with scarfs. He also has a penchant for wearing white button downs and many different blue shirts. Is there any item of clothing you would love to see Henry wearing in a casual setting?

I think he would look awesome a bit more country chic, laid back and little retro, i think he has such an old school movie star look and that suits him, so laid back i think a casual approach to country look, tweed/leather jackets, nice shirt and jumper with fitted jeans and boots.


Is there an item that you have designed that you think would be great on Henry?

I design a lot for women, but made a stunner Black velvet and leather jacket once and he would look amazing in it :-)


2013 was an exciting year with being a part of the Coronation Festival (absolutely love those designs!). What is ahead for you in 2014?

I have lots coming up, I am going to be traveling around the world with work, visiting 6 continents, I just can’t wait to work in each country and create pure Fashion magic, taking elements from each country.



Joey shared this fun photo of himself decked out as Superman. We think Joey himself is a Super man and hope that someday he gets the chance to style or design for Henry Cavill. A huge thank you to Joey Bevan for taking time out of his very busy schedule to chat with us about Henry Cavill and fashion. We love your ideas and hope to see the two of you working together in the future.


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