23 Jan Artist Tatjana Segelken Talks about Henry Cavill and her Artwork

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Last summer, we admired the drawing of Tatjana @creafea on Twitter. She did a beautiful illustration of Henry Cavill from one of the Man of Steel premieres and shared the You Tube video created to illustrate her process. We soon discovered her talent on Facebook, Instagram and Deviant Art. One of her drawings that she shared on Facebook was of her boyfriend in a Super suit. After tweeting and talking with her, we decided it would be fun to do a giveaway of one of her pieces. She graciously offered to draw several portraits of Henry Cavill to let the fans vote on which they liked the best. The winner of the giveaway will win the illustration with the most votes. Here Tatjana shares with us about her background, her ambitions and why Henry Cavill makes such a great subject for her drawings.


Share with us your background in art and what led you to draw portraits.

I started drawing when I was ten years old and still it’s one of the most important things in my life. I learned it by myself, copied photographs by hand and tried to draw photo-realistic drawings right from the start. I never visited any schools for art or design.
First, I drew only German Shepherd dogs, but I was curious and tried drawing people as well. It was fun and didn't look that odd, so I decided to draw more portraits.

By practicing regularly and illustrating stories I wrote, I was able to improve my drawing skills, but I also tried using other tools of the trade and different styles, too. I don't only do portraits, but working on them still is the most interesting field for me when it comes to drawing. Maybe because of the broad variety of expression. There may be unique characteristics in a face, but it always will look different with different light or from a different angle or with different facial expressions! You can't definitively say what a portrait will be like until it's done. You have a vague idea of what you want it to look like and then you start working it out. Some ideas work, others don't - It's great fun and you always learn.

I still enjoy mixing traditional drawing with new media, trying new things and sharing it via social networks.


Do you work in the art field now?

Drawing (or being creative in general) is a great counterbalance to the everyday life. So art is one of my hobbies, but I also made it my part-time job. My pen's for hire, so to speak — You can commission me for anything to draw or design.


How did you discover Henry Cavill?

I "got Cavilled" quite late to be honest. I also didn't like Superman that much before (I'm more into Marvel than into DC), but that changed with Man of Steel.

I think I noticed Henry for the first time when the trailer for MOS was out. I was curious and asked my friends about him, who recommended The Tudors.

So, before I saw the Superman movie I watched the first season of The Tudors and read interviews.


What inspired you to draw Henry?

I think what inspired me the most to draw Henry was his charisma. He seems quite honest and pure to me, which can be seen in his body language and his facial expressions. That's what makes him quite an interesting person in my opinion, because such purity is not that easy to find nowadays.

Another reason was that, although he has got such remarkable looks, he still is incredibly alterable. Drawing him probably won't ever get boring.


What is your favorite medium of the portraits you did?

That's a tough question! ... I think it's ballpoint-pens because I've just discovered them as a pleasant medium to draw with. I did a lot of sketches and drawings with pencils, coloured pencils and Copic markers before already, but this is a new way to work for me. First I thought I wouldn't be able to do a drawing for the collection with ballpoint-pens because some colors were missing. Fortunately, I got these colors right in time and this drawing I made is the very first finished drawing I did with ballpoint-pens!

But I also like working with colored pencils very much, the portrait of Henry I did with them turned out great!


Would you share your work with Henry if you could?

Sure I would. There's nothing better for an artist than getting feedback by the one being drawn!

Also, that's one of the reasons why I am drawing at all: to share it. The expression on people's faces, the happiness and their fascination when they get a drawing I've done mean the world to me. With all the shiny and wonderful items you can buy today, handmade things still are the most special and personal gifts.

You can find me at DeviantArt, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, YouTube and Instagram, where I share pictures of the work in progress of my drawings and I've got my website visualwings.de, which has a gallery and a blog as well.


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