16 Jan Batman Vs Superman Location Photos + Local Reaction

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Batman vs. Superman isn’t hitting the theaters until July 17, 2015, but filming is starting next month – February 2014. The orange tape is linked, security is in place and the house the Kryptonians destroyed has been built again. And thanks to some Super Sleuthing, we can even see the outline of furniture through the windows. It looks like the Kents are ready to move back into Yorkville & Plano, Illinois… err Smallville, Kansas.

Yes, Yorkville and Plano, Illinois are the names of the real towns that created the quintessential home of Clark and his mom, Martha Kent (played by Henry Cavill and Diane Lane).

We visited the newly-reconstructed set of the Kent Farm in Yorkville, Illinois to snap some shots of the farm where Superman came to defend his mother against General Zod and Faora in Man of Steel. The house is back up and so is the security tape and bright lights.

Our Superman set visit continued to Plano, Illinois AKA Smallville, Kansas where we were able to sit down with Sherry of Sherry’s American Café and talk about her feelings about the film crew coming back to town. Dressed in a self-designed navy blue t-shirt with a big red Superman logo and the café’s name melded inside, Sherry said that the restaurant was closed to the public during the shooting last time. But one interesting story she told us was that while the rest of the team was blowing up and throwing each other around Main Street, Sherry was safe inside the café, serving Russell Crowe and Amy Adams coffee. Like you, we had no idea those two were even present during that part of shooting, since neither were in that particular scene.


One of the town’s officials spoke with us, too. He had the privilege of being present most of the time they were filming. He told us that Henry Cavill frequently came over and chatted with him – in his Superman suit no less. “He was a very, very nice young man,” our source said. “Having the movie film here was an enjoyable experience and very exciting.”

We asked what he thought about viewing the Man of Steel in the theater and what he thought about seeing his town on the big screen. He said, “Oh the action was overwhelming, but I bought the DVD when it came out and it was much easier to see the town when it was slowed down. It was nice to pick out our buildings and even some of my fellow townspeople in the shots.”

The rumor around town is that all the filming will be done in Yorkville or more specifically the Kent Farm. If that is the case, then that means Henry will be flying to Illinois soon to hang up his cape at his mom’s house.

Here are some photos of Plano/Smallville and Yorkville that we matched up with stills from the Man of Steel movie.

Plano’s town officials have also invited everyone to come and enjoy a full weekend of Superman celebration during their Smallville Super Fest on August 15-17, 2014. Organizers are in the process of contacting some of the stars from Man of Steel to see if they can get them to come back to the Smallville festival. Whether they join the festival or not, there will be plenty of games for the kids, live bands, and a zipline set up so people can actually fly down Main Street like Superman! The Smallville museum will be open during the festival as well. The museum has props from the movie like one of the blown up 7-11 gas pumps, part of the locomotive that was thrown at Superman, the command key that hung around Clark Kent’s neck, and a working scale model of the downtown that was given to the town by Warner Bros. Visit www.smallvillesuperfest.com for more information.

Man of Steel ExhibitionMan of Steel Exhibition

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