05 Dec Man of Steel Extra Talks about Meeting Henry Cavill

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Henry Cavill with Edwards airmen Henry Cavill with Edwards airmen

Heather is a member of the California Air National Guard and had the fantastic experience of being an extra in the movie and also had her photo taken with Henry Cavill. What follows is Heather’s account of working on the Man of Steel and finally getting a photo taken with Henry!


I knew that we were a part of something fantastic when I heard that we were extras in a Superman movie. From the moment I got there I was like, right now, I am living my bucket list and I am embracing this moment. It was ingrained in me as a small child, as my dad took us to “the” theater, Mann’s Chinese Theater in Hollywood to see the original Superman movie with Christopher Reeve. On the se, I took in every moment in AWE of what I was a part of. We put on our full gear for our part- Kevlar helmets, flak jackets, M-16’s, and our ammo vests. We were set up around Humvee’s positioned with our M-16’s aimed. During one of the break, I got a close up of Henry as he came walking towards the back where we had our snack area and restrooms. As he walked by me, I couldn’t help but look like a deer caught in headlights. I thought to myself, holy crap this is Superman. As he walked in his suit his long red cape flowing graciously behind him, I seared it into my memory like a movie. It was a moment not to forget. Then, later as I headed back to the bathrooms, he came straight towards me and I freaked. I’m crossing paths with Superman, what do I do? I just kept walking and made the googley eyed stare, my mouth, might as well have been wide open, like I was in a stupor. I think he saw the look on my face, because he said, “Hello.”

After a few other occasions, I finally got the hang of seeing Henry around and we could see he was a very down to earth guy. It was a well-known fact on the set that you didn’t let on that you had your phone on you nor did you pull it out of your pocket on the set. So in fun, I would occasionally take my own “mental pictures” by holding my hands up as Henry walked by pretending I was taking a picture of him. It got Henry’s attention and made him laugh. He probably thought I was a goofy blonde on the set.

The best part of all was when my friend Diane, my comrade that convinced me to go in the first place, and I had our final day of filming. We knew it was our last chance to get a REAL picture of Henry, so we took quick advantage of a moment we had when Henry was out of his costume. Henry loves the military and wanted to check out the inside of the tank the Army brought to the set. As soon as he came out of the tank, Diane and I were there to meet him and then, we asked someone to get a picture of us. He was so kind and humble, exactly how you would want Superman to be. He introduced himself and we did the same and we got a great picture with him. After that, what followed was a storm of many other military members coming up and asking for pictures and autographs. It was a great end to some very long days on the set. By then, we all felt we were in this together. That is just the way that all the cast and director, Zack Snyder made us feel. It was definitely a moment my friend Diane and I will never forget.


We also have a story of her friend Diane (the other woman in the photos):

That photo was taken during the taping of Man of Steel. My friend, Heather and I were background Extras in a couple of the military scenes in the movie. We are in the California Air National Guard at March ARB. They did a casting call at Edwards AFB to get actual military members to be Extras in the movie. So we went and were picked and did about 4 days of taping. The last day that we were there, someone asked if they could take a picture with him then everyone started pulling out their phones and asking for a picture. No one was supposed to have their phones on set so his publicity agent wasn’t happy at first but then she said it was ok since he wasn’t in costume at the time. Henry was very nice and accommodating to everyone so they could get a picture and autograph.

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The Man of Steel movie used actual members of the military as extras and filmed parts of the movie at Edwards Air Force Base in California. Henry Cavill is a huge supporter of the military, with several members of his family, including his father and two brothers serving or having served in the military themselves. During filming, Henry took time to take photos with service members and sign autographs. Read about his visit to Edwards AFB on January 31, 2012.

A special screening of the completed movie was held at Edwards AFB, which Henry Cavill attended and signed autographs and posed for pictures on June 8, 2013.

We interviewed a member of the military who was an extra and met Henry here and here.


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