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27 Aug Caroline Goodall from Cold Light of Day Chats Henry Cavill With Us

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Caroline Goodall and Henry Cavill in the Cold Light of Day Caroline Goodall and Henry Cavill in the Cold Light of Day

Before the release of Man of Steel, we started a chat with Caroline Goodall on Twitter. She is an actress who played Henry Cavill’s mother in Cold Light of Day. She tweeted us that Henry was very charming. With this teaser, we knew we needed to know more. She agreed to do an interview with us. When we connected with Caroline, she graciously answered questions about working with Henry and filled us in about her own career and projects.


We first tweeted you about Henry Cavill's charm and you told us in 140 characters that he was very charming. Can you elaborate for us?

Henry has immediate charm. He is open and affable with a great smile and sense of humour. He and Rafi Gavron immediately felt like family. He had worked with Emma Hamilton (Dara) on The Tudors, so it was a bit of a reunion. He was fun to be around. We had a few days down time when we would hang by the pool at the hotel in Spain. He was an avid World Of Warcraft game player at the time and took time to chat to my 14 year old son on the phone about the game which thrilled him. The Spain shoot on the boat was tough, but despite the logistics we had some great days. The supper scene where his character gets upset about losing his company was in fact hilarious and Henry entertained us with his offbeat sense of humour in between takes.


You played Henry Cavill's mum in The Cold Light of Day. What was it like working with him?

He is a consummate professional in his acting. He was totally absorbed by his character and very disciplined in his preparation. Since he was raised on an island with a large family of brothers, he was also a great sailor, which made things much easier. We both share a love for the sea. He is naturally athletic and I was impressed by how easily he did stunts and leapt into the sea and swam to shore.


Throughout your career, you have worked with many great actors. Do you see something in Henry Cavill that all the greats share?

I was not at all surprised when he landed Superman. He looks so right, but he also has the mental and physical strength for such a role. I could tell he was destined to be a star, but like most great actors I know, he carries his charisma lightly, is humble and aware that being a star involves working hard as well as having talent. He was always kind and courteous to the cast and crew which is another hallmark of a fine actor.


When you worked with Henry did you know he was going to be the next Superman? Have you seen Man of Steel? What did you think?

No, I didn’t know he was to be Superman. I haven’t seen it yet, but have heard great things and will let you know what I think when I do see it. But, I know I will love it! He is a fine addition to the roster of greats who have played the part and I am sure “took on the cape” brilliantly and made the part his own.


Bruce Willis, Caroline Goodall, and Rafi Gavron on set of Cold Light of Day


You were in the theater before you started your film career. Do you miss the excitement of the live stage? Do you have plans to do it again?

I love the stage and spent my formative acting years at the Royal Shakespeare Company and the National Theatre of Great Britain. The stage is every true actor’s natural home so yes, I do miss it and now that my children are older I am discussing returning to the London stage. I was just offered a play actually, but it didn’t fit my schedule. But soon, soon!


You had amazing roles in Princess Diaries, Schindler's List, Hook among others. Is there one film that stands out as your favorite?

Schindler’s List has to be at the top of the list as one of the most extraordinary experiences of my life. Every actor wants to be part of a film that affect hearts and minds. I am proud to be part of a film that not only won Oscars, but is in the history books and which I can share with my children as a highlight of my working life. But, I also made long lasting friends on that film which is just as important. It was also the second time I worked with Steven Spielberg which was such a gift!


What will we see you in next?

Next up is The White Queen in which I play the dastardly Duchess Cecily of York which is out on Starz in the US August 10th. Watch out for me in Paul Haggis/ (Crash) The Third Person which stars Liam Neeson (who of course played my husband in Schindler’s List), James Franco, Adrien Brody and Mila Kunis; Nymphomaniac directed by the extraordinary Lars Von Trier with Charlotte Gainsbourg and the indie film The Elevator which is a two hander thriller with James Parks. All wonderful different roles. I just feel lucky that I am still working with wonderful people and enjoy what I do.


Henry Cavill on set of Cold Light of Day in Alicante



Here's a fun video Caroline made of behind the scenes from filming the Cold Light of Day. It was her son's birthday, so the cast is wishing him a happy birthday. The sound is muted on those parts to protect the privacy of Caroline's family.


Caroline Goodall is a supporter of the charity Care Highway International. It is supported by volunteers. Please like their Facebook page and give if you can-every cent counts!


By Jen F


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