23 Jul Sarah Douglas Talks about Henry Cavill, Man of Steel and Ursa/Faora Comparisons

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Best known for the pivotal role of Ursa, in Superman I and II, Sarah Douglas has had a long and rewarding career playing a number of dramatic roles in both television and the movies, including Superman I & II, Falcon Crest, V, Conan The Destroyer, Witchville, Solarbabies, Babylon 5, Remington Steele, Beastmaster II and many more high profile projects. We caught up with her recently to ask her impressions of Man of Steel. Having worked with the late Christopher Reeve, we asked Sarah her thoughts about both the new movie and the new ‘man of steel’.


What were your impressions of Man of Steel?

Rather enjoyed myself, but certainly would have liked the last part to be shorter. I found it all too noisy and wham bam — a little like a video game. I appreciated that the kids around me all loved it though and so decided it was an age thing. We do have to move on and this certainly shot Superman into the 21st century. Fun and action packed... but I missed the humour of the first two films and also I missed the relationship developing between Clark and Lois... On the whole though, it was an entertaining evening and stunning effects and well worth the price of admission.


Henry Cavill had huge shoes to fill by taking on a role done magnificently by Christopher Reeve. How do you think he did?

There was no question that Henry went above and beyond filling those shoes. I also totally bought him as an American let alone Superman. A hard thing for anyone to do. He truly carried the movie and was so drop dead gorgeous he could have said nothing and I would have loved him. I certainly would want him to rescue me any day...


What were your thoughts on the Faora character? It has been said there were many traits of Ursa in the role. What do you think?

Bloody good job as Faora, but I really found little comparison with Ursa. Faora is futuristic and Ursa is an Alien... so different. They also had nothing in common as far as their looks... well ok they had dark hair, but that's all. I am glad she was her own character and I am sure she has a long way to go with developing her for future roles... Good luck to her. Think Ursa had the sexy bit all sown up though....even though,it was 30 years ago...


What are your upcoming projects?

I am back to LA next month to complete a work on Displacement a feature film about Time travel and Quantum physics.




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