15 Jul Cooper Timberline, the 9 Year Old Clark Kent, Talks Henry Cavill and Man of Steel

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Twelve year old Cooper Timberline was in elementary school, when he got the part of 9 year old Clark Kent in the Man of Steel movie. Actor Henry Cavill plays the grown Clark Kent/Superman. Cooper, a Richmond, Virginia native, is not new to the entertainment industry. He did theater, traveled with the national tour of “Radio City Christmas Spectacular” and also starred in 2012’s “Chasing Mavericks” with Gerard Butler and Jonny Weston. We interviewed him on the red carpet in New York for Man of Steel and followed up with a few questions after the movie came out.


What was it like being in a major movie production like Man of Steel?

I think it was the biggest one I ever was in beside Mavericks. Man Of Steel was perfectly structured. Every thing was right. It felt so great to be in the middle of this all. It was such an amazing experience to play Young Clark Kent, to meet the whole cast. And, it's so cool, because not everyone can say “I was Superman” :)

You obviously didn't share screen time with Henry Cavill, but did you get to hang out with him at all during filming?

I met him I think a couple of times.

What was he like?

He was such a nice person. He's the same way like all the fans love him.

You had some pretty intense scenes in the movie. Did you look to people like Diane Lane and Kevin Costner for advice?

I always look up to older actors as they have more acting experience.

Any funny set stories you can share with us from the filming of the movie?

The whole filming was Fun!!! I even would make it again! It's great to see the people loving it.

What was the reaction in your home town and amongst your friends when they found out you were in the Man of Steel?

Pretty much all of my friends like Superman, so they couldn't believe it at the beginning and then, were shocked, but then were happy for me and with me. :)

What's next for you?

I think I will take a break from acting and be a normal kid, but I sure wanna be in more movies too, so going to Acting Class and Auditions.


On the red carpet in New York for the Man of Steel premiere, we asked Cooper what it was like to be in the movie, if he had met Henry Cavill, and favorite comic books.




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