28 Jun One Fan’s Encounter with Henry Cavill in New York for the Man of Steel Premiere

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We met up with our friend Lisa while covering the Man of Steel premiere in New York and she told us all about her experience meeting Henry Cavill outside the theater.


My fan encounter with Henry Cavill was worth travelling to NYC for. It started off with a visit to the set of the Katie Show to watch the taping of Katie Couric’s interview with the cast of Man of Steel. It was shocking to be only about 20 feet from the stage and then, being able to stare and listen to Henry Cavill talk about his role and his life for over an hour. As each guest was introduced, Henry stayed and we got the bonus of seeing Kevin Costner, Michael Shannon, Amy Adams, Lawrence Fishburne and Christopher Meloni. Katie Couric herself was amazing and I think she was also a little star struck by Henry. :)

Waking up Monday to pouring rain in NYC, I had no expectations of meeting Mr. Cavill at the world wide premiere of Man of Steel. We lucked out though when we got to Lincoln Center, we sought out paparazzi and security and they directed us to try our luck standing by the barricades in front of the Hall. That was the perfect suggestion, because we hit the mother of all Henry Cavill jack pots! Approximately 30-40 of us were hand-picked and walked to the stars entrance which leads into the theater. Henry came out extra early and signed, took pictures, shook hands and talked with us. My friend and I were able to get his signature, look in his dreamy blue eyes and take a picture with him, all while he PUT HIS ARMS AROUND US! He was charming, gracious, kind and humble. We know judging by his personality, he will do Superman much justice. On top of meeting the wonderful Mr. Cavill, my friend Libby and I got to have dinner and meet with friends from HenryCavill.org. It was a fun dinner for all of us. What amazing people!

All in all, I’m so glad I took the risk of meeting Henry Cavill in NYC by taking an adventure with my friend to go to the premiere and the Katie Couric show. We had fun with friends and had the amazing experience of watching and meeting Henry Cavill.

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