26 Jun Man of Steel Extra Talks about Filming His Scenes and Working with Henry Cavill

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Élan Goldstein was an extra in the Man of Steel movie starring Henry Cavill. He was one of many military members serving at Edwards Air Force Base when the film came there to shoot and he ended up being an actor in the movie. We interviewed him before the movie came out and asked him about his filmmaking experience, what it was like to work with Henry Cavill and the cast and crew of Man of Steel. You can read that interview here. Élan promised us a follow up interview after the movie was out and he could speak more freely. What follows is his description of filming the scenes he was a part of.

I was there for the shooting of five scenes. The first one we shot was the dramatic scene where Superman and Lois give themselves up and are taken on the spacecraft in the desert. We shot that for several days and I really thought it would be a longer scene. All the people and vehicles you saw were all real military personnel and vehicles. Also, the Blackhawk Helicopters were real and they provided a lot of rotor wash making the set very cold at times.

The next scene I was involved in was where Superman turns himself in. We shot that for several days also. I was one of the two gate guards. I thought that would be the scene I would show up in the most; however, that scene was really short also.

My third scene was in front of the C-17 aircraft, where they were deciding to load up the spacecraft and crash it into the other spacecraft. I was the only soldier you could see in the foreground.

My fourth scene was where they loaded the spacecraft into the C-17, however I was unable to make myself out.

My last scene was where Superman throws the unmanned Global Hawk into the ground. We were all shipped up to Bishop, California for three days to shoot in the satellite fields there. I was guarding the building way in the background and was unseen in that shot.

Lastly, Henry was able to put a cap on the whole experience by having a private premiere for the military people involved in the film. He showed up early, signed autographs and took picture which is really rare for a celebrity of his caliber to do. He also introduced the film inside the theater, and it was the cherry on top of a fantastic experience.

* Note: You can see the photos and video from Henry Cavill’s appearance in Lancaster, CA, for the screening of Man of Steel for the Edwards AFB personnel here.

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