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13 Jun Kevin Pamplin from BBC Channel Islands in Jersey Talks Henry Cavill and Man of Steel Premiere

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Everyone from the Jersey Evening Post to BBC Radio Jersey to ITV has been covering news of Jersey home town bean Henry Cavill and his role as the Man of Steel in the upcoming movie. Jersey, in the Channel Islands, will be holding a premiere on Friday night with Henry Cavill in attendance along with other cast members, including Russell Crowe and Amy Adams. We caught up with BBC Radio Jersey host Kevin Pamplin to ask him about local reaction to Henry Cavill’s return to Jersey… along with a star-studded Hollywood premiere… right on the island!


Have you followed Henry Cavill's career since he left Jersey?

Yes indeed, as has the Island in its own little way! He does come back and forth when he can to see his family and enjoy the peace and quiet of Island life. Many of his fans should come and find out for themselves- everyone needs their own "Fortress of Solitude" and that's what we all feel like with our peaceful quiet piece of paradise. Every time I chat with Henry he is the same- calm, always has time, very humble and proud of what he has done so far. But, equally he is proud of his other siblings, friends and his Island home!


What was the reaction locally when it was announced that Henry was cast in the role of Superman?

As you can well imagine being a tight knit community, if anyone manages success of such a high profile, the local reaction is much excitement. We may be a "Smallville", but if it’s sports or being part of the armed forces, for example, the island is very supportive of any "Jersey Bean" (a local term for locals)just as they are for Henry. Jersey & the other Channel Islands, were the ONLY part of UK soil that was occupied by Hitler's forces during World War 2 for 5 long years, and to go through an occupation and dark days to come out the other side, then 68 years later provide the world the actor to play Superman, well...I think that speaks for itself!


Is this the first premiere to be held in Jersey? If not, what other movies have premiered there?

As far as we know, this is the ONLY Hollywood "premiere." Of course having one of your own be cast as arguably one of the worlds largest global franchises helps! But, Jersey has had a few actors break out and many young talented actors are on many stages across the UK including London's West end. Also, Charlie Chaplin came to visit back in 1912. This is going to be a great way for Henry to come back home and see the support from his fellow islanders, not to mention family. It’s going to make for a special day! Let’s hope the world takes note, especially the film industry. It’s a tucked away little island gem, maybe the Justice League can move their space station base here. ;)


How is Jersey preparing for the premiere? Lots of our fans are hoping it will be live-streamed so they can see Henry returning to his home to celebrate the release of Man of Steel. Will you be there for the event?

It’s early days, but as you can imagine, a buzz is now going around the Island, people are all talking about the day Hollywood flies in. All the local media will be on hand to report on this HUGE day for LITTLE Jersey! I will broadcast my drive time show on BBC Radio Jersey LIVE from the UK red carpet on the 12th, and then will be back in Jersey on Friday the 14th for "Henry Returns." Talk is going on about how we can carry a visual stream as well as live radio and social media, so watch this space, or as we say #MakeTheSwitch.



Twitter: @KevinPamplin

BBC Radio Jersey website:

Bio: I am also a proud Jerseyman. Sadly, I can’t fly, I don't wear my underpants over my trousers, even though nor does Henry in this film, and I don't have a Lois Lane. I have worked in local media for over 12 years from TV to Commercial radio and now the BBC. I also have been an actor, including on stage on the West End and Broadway. But, nothing beats live radio broadcasting my own unique fun way, the love of my home across the island and around the world!


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