19 Apr Extra from Man of Steel Talks about Henry Cavill

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Elan Goldstein is an extra in the upcoming Man of Steel film. He generously agreed to tell us about his experiences on set with the cast and crew and to give us a little insight into what it was like to work with Henry Cavill. Elan has had minor roles in television shows like Bones, House, M.D., and Criminal Minds. He also directed and starred in a short iPhone film in 2012 called Changewith his wife Lauren and friend Rob Kolinsky. His mother is a huge Henry fan and we are grateful to her for connecting us with Elan.


How did you end up in the Man of Steel movie?

The new Superman movie was set to film on the military base where I was stationed in the United States Air Force. We were not told what was being filmed, we were just told they needed military people and I volunteered. Upon getting selected, they told us the movie was called Autumn Frost. No one knew what it was until the first day of filming, when we saw Henry Cavil in wardrobe, and then we knew it was the new Superman movie. After the first three days of filming, they only needed a few people to continue in background roles, and I was chosen as one of the few. For another scene where we were shipped to another location, there were only two of us selected. I felt honored that the cast and crew liked me enough to bring me back as one of two background actors.


What is your character and what can you tell us about his role in the film?

I would not say my person has a character, really. I was a background actor for the film in several different scenes. It will be interesting to see if my role gets lost in the film during each scene or if during the editing process my role is expanded.


Elan and Christopher MeloniElan and Christopher Meloni

Tell us about your overall experience on the set with actors like Christopher Meloni and Henry Cavill?

This was better than the money or the screen time. Christopher Meloni was a very nice person and is a fantastic actor. During the filming of one scene, he accidentally left his bright red sunglasses on his head. He pulled the scene off as if they were supposed to be there. He and I talked a little over a shrimp cocktail lunch, and he told me he would take a picture with me when he finished eating. He did not even wait to finish eating before he came over, took my phone and took a couple pictures of us goofing around.

Henry Cavil has the most amazing personality of any big time actor I have ever been around. He can go from one of the guys hanging out and talking while being close to the heater, to the #1 character in a big movie. On set he is professional, and still nice to everyone around him. He had no trouble sharing the heater with us, or sitting with us and having a meal.


Did you have scenes with Henry?

I will be in five scenes. All five include Henry in some way; however, it is hard to tell if the scene will show my face. In a couple scenes, I am sure I will be seen, and in one I am sure I am too far in the background. Robert Kolinsky (a fellow former military turned actor) and I will be able to take screenshots of the film once we get copies and find ourselves! Robert and I had to lean on each other at times during the filming, as there were many long, tiring days. We have also been in television shows together, and made a movie together.

What was Henry Cavill like in person?

Henry is an amazing person. There is no other way to say it. This was my first big film, and he was the biggest actor that I had multiple interactions with. My wife had told me that Henry and I share the exact same birthday (05/05/1983). So during a scene where there were only two of us there with Henry, I noticed he had a heater and I was cold. I walked up to him and we talked like we were old friends. He talked about his family being in the military, and how he grew up in England. My father and step-mother also live in England (Tundbridge Wells) so we had a lot to talk about. We talked about his time on The Tudors, as he said he bought his first apartment there! I found it hard to believe he was actually from England because he spoke such fantastic English, so I asked him to change his accent. He could go back and forth with no problems!


Lauren and Henry CavillLauren and Henry Cavill

You have a photo of Henry with your wife. Was she in the movie?

My wife (Lauren Goldstein) would have been in the movie doing a similar role as mine, however she could not get the time off of work. I told Henry that my wife would be insanely jealous that I got to hang out with him for two weeks on set. I told him that many people would love to meet him and he seemed like he wanted to meet and greet as many people as possible. He could not take photos on set because the suit was still a secret at that point. I do not know what determined him doing a photo meet and greet on the military base, but my wife got to meet him after and that is where she got the photo. She still talks about how nice and handsome he is. Henry also signed a variety of things like pictures, comic books, clothes, and our on-set passes.


What's up next for you?

Being around the film and meeting Henry and the director Zack Snyder really inspired me. I have since gotten out of the military and have done acting along with some college. I have made my own film (written by fantastic new author Tyler Miranda), been in a few television shows (House, Criminal Minds, Let’s Make a Deal and Bones), and am the lead actor in an independent film which we are currently filming.

I would like to thank Zack Snyder, Christopher Meloni, Henry Cavill, this fan site, and my mother Laurie Hanan for setting this all up!



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