19 Apr Effective Tools For the Development of Creativity

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Many people take special tests on the Internet to find out which hemisphere of the brain dominates, left or right, a tendency to logic or creativity prevails. You can be sure for a long time that you love one thing and cannot tolerate another, that you are talented in one sphere, but you will not achieve anything in another. You yourself have once decided and since then you consider this an unshakable truth.

"And what is it," you ask, "to whom is this worse?" The answer is short: to you. You have limited yourself, put in a cage of stereotypes, which gives a sense of comfort. But it is an obstacle between you and the new, bright, interesting - your creativity, for which creative thinking is responsible. It's time to stop hiding your uniqueness, start developing it.

Associative thinking

Associative thinking is called the thinking of geniuses. A distinctive feature of such thinking is the ability to generalize not on the basis of logic and analysis, but through the finding of a commonality among objects and processes.

Here's how finding associations may help you:

  • activates both hemispheres of the brain;
  • raises to the surface of memory knowledge from different spheres of life;
  • helps to create new semantic connections;
  • leads to the birth of original ideas.

How to develop. Look around you, choose any two subjects and think up associative links between them. The more unusual and absurd these links are, the better it is for you. Approach this task creatively, no banality allowed.

Example. Now I'm sitting at the table, so my words are "notebook" and "pen." The first thing that comes to mind: "I took a pen and wrote in a notebook". But this is not what we need, and so we think further and we get: "The pen jumped on the table, the notebook opened and the pen kicked off the tap on its pages. Morse realized - this opening he will call his name. " Now it’s your turn to try!


The brilliant Leonardo da Vinci considered observation to be the main tool in the understanding of nature by man. According to the artist, knowledge arose as a result of observation of the phenomenon and its subsequent drawing.

Observation is the key to understanding the world, which:

  • increases the activity of cognitive activity;
  • involves interaction with the environment;
  • helps to see the world in detail, see its patterns, to better understand the relationship of its processes.

The habit of fixing observations helps develop the skill and can manifest itself in various forms: the management of records, retelling, drawings, photographs.

How to develop. Consider an object that you are familiar with, as if you see it for the first time (as a child), in the smallest detail. Pay attention to the texture, shades, try to find in it something that was not noticed before.

Example. Examining the grapefruit led me to the conclusion: "So that's what you are, peel!" and creating a citrus outline from memory in anticipation of an evening train. As you understand, after such an exercise, the grapefruit itself is no longer needed for this.

Ability to see the implicit properties of objects

We continue to struggle with stereotyped behavior and move away from cliches and stereotypes in thinking. This time, we use the method of breaking the template, that is, we perform an unexpected action that can break the logic of habitual thinking and lead to new ideas.

How to develop. To create such a shift in perception, we make a statement about the object of our attention, which in some way will change the object itself or its characteristics. Remember, as a child, several chairs turned into a train with carriages, and buds of flowers and pods became ladies and gentlemen at the ball? Here is a similar principle.

Example. Take a brick as an object. What are its implicit properties? With its help, you can draw a perpendicular line because the brick has right angles. And you can also draw on asphalt with it - as a child, we did so.

Creativity can be trained and built up like muscles. The main thing is that the workouts are regular! In addition, this skill helps in all areas of life - whether it is searching for Russian brides for marriage or a DIY redesign of the kitchen.

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