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19 Jul The stratospheric rise of superhero films, slots, and franchises!

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Superhero movies take us to a place where things are a little different, where the ordinary can become extraordinary, and where heroes are there to save the day.

Their popularity is unparalleled and people love superhero movies and the extra sparkle which it gives – an idea that things can be better, and that things can always improve. On top of that, we get those action scenes which a lot of people crave, because just for a moment, we’re in that crazy excitement of the comic book and movie world. For that reason, comics about superheroes have been wildly popular since the 1930s, and the newer film series which we’ve been seeing in the past few years focusing on superheroes have also been fantastically popular.

Other ways of enjoying superheroes!

Fans of superhero movies are not just limited to films and comics though, oh no. There is now another way to enjoy your favourite characters and also to win some money at the same time. Most of the popular superhero franchises have made the logical leap to the world of online slots where superfans can interact with their favourite heroes and win real cash prizes. Look out for sites that offer free bets, free spins, and bonuses as well- you can check out the top free slots games here!

Super superman!

Perhaps the most famous superhero is Superman, who has been around in pop culture since 1933 when he was first thought up by two high-schoolers Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster. The most recent iteration of Superman is played by the one and only Henry Cavill. Henry Cavill started off his acting career in 2002 in The Count of Monte Cristo, and has gained a large number of appearance on TV series and also movies since then. His first appearance as Superman was in 2013’s Man of Steel, a role which he later went back to in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, in 2016. He’s definitely one of the best faces playing Superman that we’ve seen, and his track record in the box office in these movies just goes to show it.

What does the future hold?

This year he will be returning to the big screen as Superman again, in Justice League, where he will be making an appearance alongside the all-star team consisting of iconic members of DC’s Extended Universe such as Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and Batman. What will Henry Cavill’s role be in this? We’ll have to wait until November 17th this year to find out exactly what might be in store for him, considering how he fared in Batman V Superman – although the movie will definitely have a huge amount of action packed into it, with this being one of DC’s biggest and highly-anticipated movies coming up soon.

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