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21 Jun Sipping champagne with Henry Cavill, our interview with the Omaze winner

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Henry Cavill has worked twice now with Omaze to not only support his favourite charities, but to give a few lucky prize winners the experience of a lifetime. He previously supported Durrell Wildlife with a Batman V Superman experience (see our interview here with that winner) and this time around he’s supporting the Royal Marines Charity with an experience in the famous London Eye. We caught up with Christina, the winner of this wonderful Omaze experience and asked her about her day spent with Superman himself, Henry Cavill.


How did you find out about the OMAZE contest? What did you do to enter? How many times did you enter?

I saw the Omaze contest via your tweet first then Henry's Facebook. I donated at the $50 level for the Royal Marines Charity. (I tried to win his first Omaze experience but didn't win.)


When was the London Eye trip? Who hosted the champagne toast? Who else was with you?

I met Henry on the London Eye on Monday, May 15 — a day to remember forever for me. He toasted his congratulations! Also present: my husband, his brother Charlie, my Omaze chaperone Jordyn, our photographer Ian, his friend Ben and his wife, plus others from Henry's team — and of course the wonderful London Eye staff who served us and were meant to tell us about the sights — maybe they did — but honestly, I just talked with Henry.


Henry Cavill sipping champagne Henry Cavill sipping champagne with the Omaze winner Christina


Who gave you the tour of London by foot? Did Henry chime in with his own knowledge of the city?

My husband and I went on a self-guided tour upon arrival to London; and Henry, his brother Charlie, my husband, and I talked about how London has amazing modern architecture amidst great historical landmarks.


What did you chat about with Henry? fabulous children and how he wishes he'd started running early like my son, how I think my son looks like he could be his little brother, how impressed he was to hear about my daughter's work ethic swimming, the Ski to Sea 100 mile race that my husband and I have raced in at least 5 times, how challenging it can be when he asks a nice girl out on a date and what all that entails regarding photogs and the Internet, about that stupid click-bait article that called him a "toxic bachelor", how hard the Internet world is on girls he dates, his cologne (Dunhill in the black box), his Mission Impossible 6 filming, how great Tom Cruise is to work with, how cool the stunt work is on MI6, how he'd like to have kids while he's still a young man, the bail money that Margie from Margie's Must Reads raised should he have me thrown in jail for pinching his butt like she requested (No! I did not do it), all the women of the world who told me to give him a kiss (I kissed his cheek!), how I hope he does a romcom and, or historical project next, about the Durrell Challenge Race... Gosh, so much more that I will likely remember later when I'm not basking in my after-Henry glow.

Omaze winner Christina Omaze winner Christina


Did Henry point out any of the sights visible from inside the Eye?

We (my husband, his brother Charlie, Henry, & I) talked about the architecture (The Gerken) and when Mr B and I walked down to the Tower of London and dined at The Swan at The Globe Theatre.


What was your impression of Henry? Was his personality what you anticipated?

He did not disappoint! Exceeded my hopes. My husband said Henry's the kind of guy you could easily be friends with and was sorry we didn't go to pub afterwards. He was amazing on every level. Kind, generous with his time, surprisingly open to my very nosey questions, gracious for the gifts I made him: a fused plate with his initials in the Justice League logo that he said "is going in my house," and the black and white dog lead for Kal that my daughter made him with the Superman logo, and my book "The Darcy Monologues", which he said he would read since I think he would make a fabulous Darcy! And he signed at least 30 bookplates for my authors and a few of my friends! I mean it — signed them all without quibbling. WOW. I'm actually embarrassed now of my boldness to ask!

Yes, ladies, he is as beautiful to look at as he is in the movies and magazines and the Internet. That jaw is sharp as a knife and there is nothing photoshopped about him. After 5 months of knowing I would eventually meet him, when he was in front of me — I am amazed I kept it together — I can only hope I didn't babble. When he and I were talking while waiting to get in the capsule, I was shaking like I was cold — seriously?!!!!! I was worried I wasn't going to be able to stop and told him as much. He just nodded a bit like it was okay — and I settled in. Weird, I know. But it was a very surreal moment to have the man himself within 18 inches of my face. Let's forever call it #TheHenryEffect, shall we?


With hotel and airfare included, did you have any extra time to enjoy London on your own? If so, what did you do?

We are extending our trip to visit all the Jane Austen sites: Chawton, Bath, and on to Derbyshire to explore the great houses like Lizzy Bennet.


Henry Cavill sipping champagne Henry Cavill sipping champagne with the Omaze winner Christina


What were your favorite moments of this event?

When he kissed my cheeks in the European style. When he asked me if my daughter was good enough to go to the Olympics one day. When he said that he would like to get married. When he hugged me a couple times (well, I hugged him if we are being accurate but he did hug back!) and shook my hand a couple times. And then later when I kissed his cheek "goodbye". Yes, ladies, my lips know what that scruff feels like! Lucky girl indeed!

Another memorable moment: I drank out of his champagne glass by mistake, I was holding it when he opened my gift, and then he STILL drank out of it when I handed it back! And I did tell him. Could I have been any more awkward?!

An Omazing experience that I will never forget. He is an incredible person, and the lovely girl he finds one day...well, she will be fortunate to have the love of such a man.


We thank Christina for taking the time to chat with us about her Omaze experience. You can read more about it on the blog that Henry Cavill shared on his social media.

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