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During the promotional tour for Batman v Superman, OMAZE ran a contest to win a helicopter ride with Henry Cavill before the premiere in NYC. The contest was in support of Durrell Wildlife — a charity that Henry is an ambassador for. We supported these efforts by sharing our own link to the contest and shared on our social media to attract donors and contest entrants. One of the contestants who entered through our link won the prize! Jennifer McCrae was kind enough to take the time to answer some questions for us regarding her adventures with Henry, Ben Affleck and Jesse Eisenberg at the world premiere of Batman v Superman in NYC.


How did you find out about the OMAZE contest? What did you do to enter? How many times did you enter?

I found out about the contest from an Instagram post on Henry Cavill Org which led me to Omaze. All I did to enter was decide how much I wanted to donate. I donated $10, which gave me 100 entries.

When was the helicopter ride? Who flew the helicopter? Who else was with you?

The helicopter ride was on Sunday, a few hours before the premier. The helicopter was flown by a female pilot from the tour service (she was amazing, by the way!) Also with me was my sister Melissa, Henry of course, Henry's personal assistant Leah, his brother Charlie, his bodyguard Ben and from Omaze, Leni, who was photographing the experience for us.

What did you chat about with Henry?

We talked about Batman V Superman and how he was looking forward to seeing the film with an actual audience in the theater, and was looking forward to seeing their reaction to the film. I asked him if he had any plans to do any theater (answer: not at this time) and we chatted about family and different places we've lived.

Did Henry point out any of the sights as you flew over the city?

None of us had seen the Statue of Liberty from that vantage point before. I think that's what everyone pointed out the most.

What was your impression of Henry? Was his personality what you anticipated?

Henry is completely charming and a genuinely nice person. He has a talent for putting you at ease. After about five minutes, you forget he's a "movie star" and you are just talking to a person who likes movies and enjoys his job. Watching him in interviews, he seems like a person who is grounded and fun to be around, and that is exactly who he is. He's very funny and quick witted.

What was the red carpet like? Did you get to photobomb anyone with Jesse?

The red carpet (or in this case, black carpet) is very long, and filled with what feels like thousands of photographers! And cold! Did I mention how cold it was in New York that weekend? It was about 20 degrees, and although they had a tent up, it did nothing to make it warmer. I thought I would be more nervous, but I have to say, it was pretty easy to get into the groove of posing and having pictures taken. A girl could get used to that! Unfortunately, I didn't get to do any photobombing with Jesse because he got pulled away and we never re-connected. It's too bad, because I had been practicing some "photobomb faces" for a few days. That's alright though. You never know when that will come in handy.

Was the Batmobile fun to ride in? Did Ben drive it?

I'm not much of a car girl — I'm really more into airplanes — but I have to admit, riding in the Batmobile was pretty cool. For starters, the car has a 550 horse power engine, and that thing is LOUD! You have to wear headphones when you're inside the car. When it idles, your insides shake. The most fun was when we're driving through the streets of LA and people realize that the Batmobile is behind them. Awesome! No, Ben Affleck didn't drive the car. The Batmobile was actually driven by the man who built the car, which was pretty amazing. He also built all of the cars for the Fast and Furious movies, so he was telling stories about those cars and what they did to make those as well. Kind of an added bonus.

We understand that Henry took a moment to do a very special video for a friend of yours. Can you tell us about that?

Henry not only has a soft spot for animals, but for sick children too. The first thing he did before we went on our helicopter ride was make a video for the son of a friend that my sister and I have had since childhood. Her 7 y/o son Patrick has cancer, and is 2 1/2 years into 5 years of chemo treatment. He's an enormous superhero fan. My sister asked Henry if he would be willing to make a video of encouragement for Patrick so that we could post it on his Mom's Facebook page and surprise him. He agreed without hesitation. He made one little boy in Colorado VERY happy!


Henry Cavill in support of Patrick for Jennifer McCrae


What were your favorite moments of this event?

That's a difficult one. The helicopter ride was amazing because I not only got to see a beautiful view of New York City, but I got to do it sitting next to Henry. I got a hug from Ben Affleck on the red carpet. I got to commemorate my red carpet walk by taking pictures with Ben, Henry AND Will Smith. And that was all before I even got to see the movie. It left me asking the question, "How much greater can it get than this?"


A huge thank you to Jennifer for sharing her adventure with Henry Cavill at the Batman v Superman premiere! And thank you to OMAZE for sponsoring the event and giving the fans not only a chance for an adventure, but a chance to support some amazing causes.

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