08 Jul Henry Cavill's Charity, Royal Marines Charitable Trust Fund, Releases 2014 Report

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The Royal Marines Charitable Trust Fund, whose ambassador Henry Cavill became last year, has released their impact report for 2014. They give thanks to all who participated in their acts of charity and who helped to raise funds, as well as give us some statistics on their impressive achievements in 2014 thanks to Henry and you, his fans.

As you already know, the Royal Marines Charitable Trust Fund was nominated on the National Fundraising Awards by Institute of Fundraising National Awards. RMCTF made the shortlist as Fundraising Charity of the Year.

Although the RMCTF did not win the award at the IOF Awards held in London on July 6, getting nominated is still quite an honor. In our gallery, you can see photos from the event, which Henry Cavill attended, and also read the message from the Royal Marine 1664 Challenge, who were also in attendance.

We are very glad to see that all the hard work the RMCTF and Henry have done has been appreciated.

National Fundraising Awards Henry Cavill at the National Fundraising Awards Ceremony

Speaking about why he decided to become an RMCTF Ambassador, Henry says: “I chose to support this charity, not only because of my obvious familial connection, but because of the deep respect I have for the Royal Marines as men and as a corps.

“Royal Marine Commandos believe in what they can do. They have the courage, determination and will to succeed.

“They make sacrifices and take risks; regrettably, sometimes they have to pay the price for those risks. In recent years they have experienced a significant increase in serious injuries, wounds or illness through current operations. This has not deterred the men of this proud corps; on the contrary, it has spurred them on to help their injured and wounded comrades.

“I understand the sacrifices people in the armed forces make and know how important and valuable the charitable support we provide is.”

Presenting their report, the RMCTF says, “We are really proud of the report this year and feel that it’s captured just how much of a difference the charity makes thanks to your support and the support of your followers, volunteers and event participants.”


"I will never forget how your charity helped set my daughter and me up for the rest of our lives. Eternally thankful" – a bereaved wife
"Words cannot describe how much of a weight you’ve lifted off my shoulders by helping me. I will never take your charity for granted again" – an injured Royal Marine

Above are just some of the thank you's we received in 2014 for the support the charity has been able to give, thanks to the support of people like you.

Although the military might be slipping out of the public eye once again, Royal Marines serve the nation as faithfully as they ever did. They and their families often pay a high price which means the battles go on long into their lives. So please take time to meet just some of the Marines and families you have helped, and hear their stories as you read the pages of the Report.

We know we have a great responsibility to use the funds you give to make sure they have the greatest impact possible, whether it’s to support those in need, or to improve the morale and efficiency of the Corps. We are constantly trying to improve our identification of need, and then to meet that need through quick, efficient and cost-effective allocation of support.

In recognition of the difference the charity made thanks to our fundraiser's support, we are delighted to have been shortlisted for the Institute of Fundraising Charity of the Year Award. We are actually placed in the Charity of the Year (small - under £5M) category and the shortlisting is based on any charity that, through nature of teamwork, has achieved considerable and recognisable fundraising success. In our instance this relates to our work with the Corps, fundraising and business partners throughout RM350 in 2014. A huge thank you to everyone that played a part in the successes we had during the 350th anniversary year, this awards shortlisting is a testament to all your hard work.


Here you can see RMCTF’s report in the form of infographic.


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