03 Dec Roundtable Discussion on Batman V Superman and DC Universe

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Over the last six months we have been closely watching what is happening on the set of Henry Cavill's latest film, Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice.

Today, with the filming process close to its finish, Ed Gross from VoicesFromKrypton.net gave us the opportunity to bring our observations and expectations of the new movie and share our opinions with our colleagues from fellow websites.

Thanks to Ed, who invited us to take part in the roundtable discussion with Jett from Batman-on-film.com, Chris from Batman-News.com, and Steve Younis from Supermanhomepage.com, we were able to summarize the main points that we observed following the Batman V Superman filming in Detroit, MI, Chicago, Il, and Deming, NM.

We discussed topical subjects related to Warner Bros. strategy with bringing DC comics into the movies, as well as our views on Batman V Superman as a sequel to Man Of Steel and what we are waiting from the new films.

On the VoicesFromKrypton.net website you can find the full transcript of our conversation with our colleagues from Batman-on-film.com, Batman-News.com and Supermanhomepage.com.

Thank you, Jett, Chris, Steve and Ed for the interesting chat!

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