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Gibraltar’s local newspaper, Gibraltar Chronicle published today a huge report with plenty of photographs from the celebration of the Royal Marines' 350th Anniversary, and particularly the Rock Run, which took place in Gibraltar on Saturday, October 25, as well as the interview with two brothers, Henry and Nik Cavill.
We are glad to present to you the second part of our exclusive interview with Henry Cavill in Gibraltar (you can find the first part here) during the celebration of the 350th Anniversary of the Royal Marines on October 25, 2014. We asked him about his work in the film industry, his future projects, as well as how he deals with his popularity.
Being the ambassador for the Royal Marines Charitable Trust Fund (RMCTF), Henry Cavill took part in the celebration of the 350th Anniversary of the Royal Marines which held several events this weekend in Gibraltar, including the Rock Run. Among the 350 runners from all over the world, Henry did the Gibraltar Rock run with his elder brother, former Royal Marine, Lieutenant Colonel Nik Cavill, and his Batman V Superman trainer Michael Blevins. We brought you our exclusive coverage of these events in partnership with the CAA Sisters. Our correspondents, Noelia and Fatima, were in Gibraltar and had the opportunity to interview Henry Cavill himself as well as his brother Nik for HenryCavill.Org.

Henry Cavill poses for photos at the Gala event in Celebration of the 350th Anniversary of The Royal Marines at the Buckingham Palace in Gibraltar on Saturday, October 25, 2014.

HenryCavill.org & CAASisters are bringing you live coverage from Gibraltar today. 

Henry Cavill is joined by his brother Nik (a Lieutenant Colonel in the Royal Marines) and his trainer Michael Blevins for the 350th anniversary run, which sees sponsored participants undertake an exhausting five kilometre uphill climb in support of the Royal Marines Charitable Trust Fund.

Henry Cavill has arrived in Gibraltal today at 11:30 AM to Celebrate Royal Marines' 350th Anniversary, and the first photos of him leaving the British Airways plane were published on My Gibraltar Facebook page. As you already know, tomorrow Henry will do the Gibraltar Rock Run to support one of his charity, the Royal Marines Charitable Trust Fund (RMCTF). He'll be running with his brother Nik, a Royal Marine himself.

We are updating this post with news and new pictures, so stay with us for more info!

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Today, on his charity site CavillConservation.com, Henry asked his fans to pay attention and to express support for the honor of the orangutan, who passed away back in August. Gina the orangutan was the eldest in the orangutan family in Durrell's zoo based on Henry's native Jersey island.
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Rumors that Nikki Finke revealed five months ago, as well as some other rumors about Superman movies today have been confirmed by Warner Bros. Pictures official statement. Henry Cavill will play Superman in a few movies until 2019. Following Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice and the Justice League, which are filming back-to-back in Detroit at the moment, several solo superhero movies based of DC Universe will be released the next few years, in which Henry Cavill could make a cameo as Superman, if not full role.
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Expanding his charitable activities in collaboration with the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust, an international charity working globally to save species from extinction, Henry draws our attention to the rescue of threatened tortoises. Together with a new article about the reptiles of Durrell zoo in Jersey, published today on CavillConservation.com, you will also find a video of Henry meeting one of the world's rarest reptiles, the beautiful yet critically endangered ploughshare tortoise.
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"Henry Cavill was named the Sexiest Man of 2013 but will he keep his crown this year?" Glamour magazine asks you. They have put together a shortlist of 108 gorgeous (but definitely not as gorgeous as Henry is) men from the worlds of film, music and telly they reckon he's up against.